Receive Industry Safety Courses Anywhere in Alberta

With our onsite and mobile training services, you’ll never have to travel farther than work to get your workplace safety certifications! Our professional trainers are passionate about teaching safety requirements for your industry and have experience on all types of jobs sites across Alberta to get your team’s certifications done quickly.

Onsite Training

By booking onsite group packages that include more than one course, companies can save even more. One advantage to group training is getting all your employees together at one time and companies can cut their training budget in half.

Organizations can save costs by conducting their training onsite. Every time an employee travels for training, costs can include travel time, mileage, accommodations, and subsistence. These extra costs often total more than the price of training itself. Safety Now can travel to your location anywhere across Canada, saving your organization thousands of dollars each year.

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Recertification Calls: Know When to Recertify

Our student database records when students are trained and we notify you when they need recertification.